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Community is the heart of Centrepoint. By bringing people together under a common goal, we’re helping to make everyone stronger. We’re championing best practice across the industry and creating a respected brand that advisers can proudly align themselves with.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Will the recent Royal Commission impact Centrepoint?
The recent Royal Commission has been a major catalyst for industry change. At Centrepoint Alliance, we’ve been moving to a more transparent operating model for quite some time. So we feel we’re well on the way to implementing many of the likely recommendations.
Q What is Centrepoint’s vision for the future?
At Centrepoint, we believe this is an opportunity to make a fresh start. And we’re embracing change head-on. This evolution will be difficult in the short term, but better for everyone long term. When we come out the other side, we’ll have a more sustainable industry that’s meeting the needs of everyday Australians better.
Q How is Centrepoint going to deliver on its vision?
We’ll deliver on this through the ongoing development of simple tools and technologies that help advisers be more efficient and effective. We want to reduce the administrative burden of operating as an adviser as well as support firms in attracting new clients.
Q Will Centrepoint’s service change?
Centrepoint is moving toward greater service customisation. We want to make it easier for our clients to pick and choose the services they want to utilise. This will allow us to create greater value for them. And in turn enable them to provide greater value for end consumers.
Q Is Centrepoint making any changes on the compliance front?
Centrepoint already has a strong compliance framework in place. However, we are always looking for opportunities to refine and improve. We want to attract great advisers and that means maintaining high standards. These high standards allow consumers to feel comfortable in choosing Centrepoint aligned advisers.
Q Can we expect changes on the product side?
End consumers want and deserve complete fee transparency. This will dramatically change the type of products we will see in the market. At Centrepoint, we believe we’ll see more innovative products and new pricing models. Only when consumers feel they have complete clarity, will confidence return to the market. So this will be healthy for the industry.